Bellak Color Foil Printing & Packaging

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Innovation is tradition at Bellak, long known as a pioneer not only in color but also foil printing.  Through the application of our advanced color techniques to our foil processes, Bellak revolutionized the printing industry becoming the first commercial printer in the United States to offer an affordable means to produce high-end, commercial inline cold foil printing in color to consumers and small businesses.

Now, through continued mastery and precision comes our latest foil innovation, Bellak. The name honors our founder, Laszlo Bellak, and within it the word Bella means beautiful in Spanish reflecting the Hispanic heritage found in our company with the letter K referring to color temperature, which is expressed in degrees Kelvin or K. Color temperature has been at the heart of our specialized printing techniques since our company’s inception.

As with our color products, Bellak aims, at any visual angle or lighting situation, to maximize natural color, reduce glare and increase visibility. Our history of precision with this process allows us to minimize waste, thereby delivering faster service, better value to our customers and helping protect the environment. Bellak can offer controlled color variation, movement and illusion unlike any other in the industry. The Body Metallic Foil Poster above was the 2008 Printing Impressions Magazine Gold Ink Award Winner in the Poster Category.

Bellak combines foil with conventional offset printing in one in-line process. Compared with traditional foil processes, which we also offer, Bellak delivers the precision of offset register down to the finest detail. Mutlicolor foil can be printed on any side of a piece through our process for added visibility even inside packaging. The possibility of multicolor inline foil opens a wide range of new design possibilities.  It transforms and enhances any image, making your printing and packaging stand out even in the toughest competition and marketplaces.

Bellak begins with the application of a printable foil as a spot or solid to any area of the stock as determined by the design. Next, the 4 color process (CMYK) is applied to both the foil and non-foiled areas making it possible to create an endless array of vibrant foil colors never before attainable on paper without the use of costly and time-consuming traditional foil methods.

If you are interested in customizing your marketing materials, creating or maintaining an upscale image and want to increase potential sales revenues, contact us today to learn more on how to incorporate Bellak into your next project.

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